Agustín Benito Bethencourt has done consultancy work for years, either as primary assignment or as a complementary activity. This page describes some of the activities and areas where Agustín can help you and your organization.

Knowledge areas, services and activities

Knowledge areas

Operating Systems – Platform
Linux/rtos based distributions for enterprise, embedded, automotive, civil infrastructure, IoT, etc.. Deployments and management at scale of thousands of machines/devices.

Open Source
Open Source projects. Technology and tools development. Open Source based products, specially platforms. Advocacy and management of teams and projects in the open.

Continuous Delivery
Definition of processes and methods adapted to software products development at scale following Continuous Delivery principles and practices.

Supply Chain-Release Management
Complex supply chain environments where Open Source plays a big role. Release Management of complex products including software and hardware.

Metrics – Analysis
Definition of software delivery-product metrics to drive data driven improvements kata processes to identify and drive improvements at scale in software departments and product teams.

Remote teams
Distributed environments. Remote only-first-friendly organizations and projects with hundreds of contributors. Production at scale. Remote testing.


Analysis and evaluation
Analysis and evaluation of software production organizations and departments to improve effectiveness and efficiency. Operations, cost-benefit analysis, value streams, business models and software…

Coaching of management teams
Training and coaching sessions to help leading teams to drive high impact changes in organizations, production, supply chains or specific products.

Transformation processes
Support leadership teams and organizations in transitioning towards adopting continuous delivery and Open Source. principles and practices

Open Source Journey
Help teams and organizations to define, promote and move forward across their Open Source Journey, including adoption and contribution policies, governance, compliance, processes, projects evaluation, investment, etc.with a hands-on approach.

Operating Systems and platforms delivery
Analysis and support of product teams in charge of the production, release, deployment, maintenance and support of products including open source based operating systems for a variety of industries

I enjoy more working as part of as team rather that as solo-consultant. Participation in management or product teams as external consultant, coach or manager. Become part of consultancy or supporting teams to solve complex problems or unlock value.


Sessions with leadership teams and product people with a variety of profiles and purposes, using collaborative techniques facilitated by others or directly by Agustín.

Data driven improvement kata
Improvement kata sessions driven by data coming from metrics applied to the production of software based products. Follow up of the results and good practices definition.

Product definition
Joint sessions with leadership teams to define different aspects of software products and their life cycles. User story mapping and other techniques.

Value mapping stream
Production development and delivery evaluation using techniques like value stream mapping supported by metrics.

Analysis and reporting
Analysis of internal reports, surveys, budgets, impact and other data to evaluate the current state and creation of independent reports.

Immersions and coaching sessions
Actively work with leadership teams in a variety of activities to support transformations and improvements. Coaching sessions with small teams and individuals focusing on management aspects.