Are we trying to beat one monopoly by supporting another one?

Lately news about the support Mozilla is receiving from Google has made me think…

Firefox is a great tool, specially is you use Windows. With Linux or Mac/OS you have more good choices.

I promote firefox everywhere I go, specially in courses where I teach. Most of the computer labs I teach in have Windows XP, so one of my objetives when I teach beginners is to break the Windows+MSN Messenger+Hotmail+Windows Live+MSNSearch association that most of them love (because it is the only thing they know).The combination Windows+Firefox+Google+Goolge talk+Gmail+Blogger is a natural option but…

Am I fighting against a monopoly by supporting another one?

I’ve decided I’m going to change some of the exercises and introduce more tools to avoid this situation I’m worry about.

Firstable I’ll use Yahoo again, like in the early days, once in a while, so students get confortable with it as well as with Google. Almost nobody uses Yahoo in Spain. I’ll also use Opera, not just Firefox, until I find another browser libre (kde browser for windows?) that I like. I’ll try to use pidgin or PSI as a IM client (kopete for windows?) and, by now, I’m not going to promote any webmail but Gmail or any blog tool but Blogger. I’ll think about it anyway.

By doing this, I hope my student get more open to try different tools and I calm my worries about what it looks like it can happen in the near future.

If you have any suggestion, I’m open to read and consider it. Maybe switch to linux + KDE….right?