Kubuntu…rescues another Windows. I need a special distro for this.

No matter how old I get, I can’t get away from friends of mine calling me for help when their Windows have a problem. I have finally get to a point where they call me only when the fire is clearly visible, but still it is too often….

This week I had to do it again. I’ve became an expert:

  • Save the data…that means the whole harddisk, since you never know for sure where Windows apps save the key data
  • Check harddisk’s integrity. It would be nice to have statistics about how often a harddisk breaks with windows installed compared with linux in the same enviroment.
  • Pass an antivirus, maybe you just have to restore a couple of archives.
  • Try to restore the windows installation (this doesn’t work in 99% of the cases)
  • Format the harddisk
  • Install windows
  • Install drivers
  • Install apps
  • Restore data
  • Restore configurations
  • Install eDonkey or similar (this is a special category even for corporative computers) 🙂

I used to do some of these operations with Knoppix, but lately I do them with Kubuntu. I would like to use a pendrive specially prepared for this. I have a Mandrake one (from aKademy 2007) but I prefer a Debian based one (I’m more used to it). Is there any?

Maybe next time I have to help somebody to restore the Windows, I convince myself to do it. It is such a pain…..

mEDUXa. 2.0… a wellcome and a goodbye

Yesterday, friday 21 of september of 2007, during the II Jornadas de Software Libre Conference, that took place in La Laguna’s college, Tenerife, Canary Islands (with the presence of J. Riddell, A. Seigo, R. Dale and Alan Runyan, among others), the mEDUXa 2.0 version based on Kubuntu Fiesty Fawn has been presented.

The Educational Department of the Canary Island Goverment have used most of the job done for mEDUXa 1.2 version and update the distro. They are also doing a Live CD. I have no more info so I cannot inform about it.

They have stopped the deployment of the 1.2 version (with Inves computers) and in a few weeks are going to begin the deployment of the new version in new computers (from another vendor with 2 GB of ram). So mEDUXa 1.2 and the new 2.0 version are going to live together for a while (3 or 4 years). Right now 250 schools have mEDUXa 1.2, and another 100 will have mEDUXa 2.0 by the end of the year.

So the Canary Island Gov. is going forward with mEDUXa and have plans to improve it the following years. These are good news. They are also including free software apps in the Windows Desktop.

For me and Grupo CPD this is is a goodbye. We are not going to be involved in mEDUXa anymore since the Medusa project haven’t contract us for the 2.0 version. Fujitsu and some teachers are doing the job.

First of all, we want to thank all KDE community for their support, specially to the kde-edu team. We gonna keep involved in this community project. We love it. Thanks also to Kubuntu guys (specially J. Riddell), Canonical and Kubuntu community for the awesome job you guys are doing. Thanks to Debian-Edu community, CGA people from Andalucía and the teachers, developers and technicians that have collaborated with us the last 3 years. For the team I’ve been coordinating it has been a pleasure work in such a project and meet so many smart guys.

Personally this experience have changed my life forever. I want to get involved in more projects like this one. Software Libre makes the difference. Thanks

In following posts I’m going to write about strategies to improve mEDUXa and other educational linux distributions.

Very special thanks to mEDUXa’s team. It been a great pleasure to work with you.