Welcome. My name is Agustín Benito Bethencourt (toscalix). In this site you will find my professional background together with my thoughts about topics I am interested on. At the same time, it is a modest attempt to reduce the dispersion and take ownership of the information I consider most relevant about myself.

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I enjoy customer oriented environments and I have gained reputation for promoting open and collaborative environments where:

  • A shared vision is a requirement to organizational and individual success.
  • To build trust, alignment is more important than hierarchy, and a necessary step towards autonomy.
  • Autonomy is a requirement towards mastery.
  • Mastery is our biggest asset and the fuel of any vision.

I believe that the assimilation of this virtuous circle is what should determine the culture of an sustainable organization, where experimentation and innovation are a constant, not the exception. Only through innovation you can achieve sustainability, the ultimate goal for those who care about, not just the organization itself and it results, but their people.

I embrace Open Source principles and practices as well as popular modern approaches like Continuous Delivery and lean/system thinking. I am a great fan of getting support from metrics in decision making processes that should lead to sustainable improvement katas.

Short bio

Agustín Benito Bethencourt met Free Software during his university times. But it was back in 2003 when he decided to shift his career as entrepreneur towards Open Source. Since then, he has guided teams, project and organizations in the design, development, deployment and support of Open Source based products or services from different management, executive and consultant positions. In addition, he has a solid background as speaker, net-worker, business developer and trainer. Agustín is a remote work advocate with a solid background in managing or guiding remote teams and organizations.

There is a specific section on this website that describes in detail Agustín’s most recent professional background. Currently he works as consultant (self employed) helping different software and data organizations in the creation of software products and operations.

Agustín has three passions: innovation, basketball and La Palma, the place he calls home. He is a KDE e.V. and KDE Spain member and an openSUSE user. He has been also involved in other Open Source projects/communities at a personal and professional level. Currently he lives between the Málaga metropolitan area and La Palma, Canary Islands, both in Spain. Frequent traveller, Agustín works remotely.

More about Toscalix and contact

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  • Twitter: @toscalix
  • Fediverse: @toscalix@mastodon.social
  • Mail:
    • Personal: toscalix(at)gmail(dot)com or abenito(at)kde(dot)org
  • IRC nickname: toscalix in irc.libera.chat
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