FLOSS projects


I have been contributing regularly to KDE from 2005 until 2014. I am still linked to the project since I am a KDE e.V. and KDE Spain member. Read more about my involvement in KDE


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GENIVI Development Platform

The GENIVI Alliance used to produce a Platform to demonstrate the software developed within the different Expert Groups. This project was published with free licenses after it was finished. I lead the team from Codethink Ltd that turned it into a standard Open Source project and from a demo to a development platform, bringing community contributors to the project, from Oct 2015 to Oct. 2016. Read more…


Promoted by Ryan Lortie, I organized the I Freedesktop.org meeting in March 2013, sponsored by SUSE, with the participation of key developers from KDE, GNOME, systemd, Razor-Qt/LXDE-Qt and Unity. I also participated in the organization of the II Freedesktop.org meeting, that took place in March 2014, sponsored again by SUSE.


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