FLOSS projects

These are the most relevant Open Source projects Agustín has been involved with the last few years. Some of them are upstream community projects and some others consortium driven project.


Agustín has been contributing to KDE since 2005 with different levels of intensity. He is a KDE e.V. and KDE Spain member. Read more about my involvement in KDE


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Civil Infrastructure Platform. (CIP)

The Civil Infrastructure Platform is a Linux Foundation initiative that intends to build a core base system for industrial grade products in a  collaborative way. Agustin has been coordinating Codethink’s involvement in this group, specially in two areas: CIP kernel maintenance and kernel testing. He also participates at the CIP Technical Steering Committee. Agustín involvement in CIP started early in 2016. Learn more…

GENIVI Development Platform (GDP)

The GENIVI Alliance used to produce a Platform to demonstrate the software developed within the different Expert Groups. This project was published with free licenses after it was finished. Agustin led the team from Codethink Ltd that turned it into a standard Open Source project and from being an application demo platform to a development platform (GDP), based in Yocto, bringing community contributors to the project, from Oct 2015 to Oct. 2016. Read more…


Promoted by Ryan Lortie, Agustín organized the I Freedesktop.org meeting in March 2013, sponsored by SUSE, with the participation of key developers from KDE, GNOME, systemd, Razor-Qt/LXDE-Qt and Unity. Agustín also participated in the organization of the II Freedesktop.org meeting, that took place in March 2014, sponsored again by SUSE.

Other projects

Earlier in his career, Agustín was involved in other projects like:

  • Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP). Together with employees at ejerciciosresueltos.com, Agustín directed the development of a product for managing computer labs based on this thin client project, back in 2003, contributing to upstream.
  • Kubuntu: through the design of the first version of the mEDUXa project, back in 2005, Agustín got in contact with Canonical and the Kubuntu project, participating on its community. Agustín got invited to the 2007 UDS in Sevilla, ES.