This is a list of the most recent positions held by Agustín. In addition to the below positions, Agustín does consultancy worn as primary or complementary activity since more than 10 years ago. In order to read further information, please follow the links.

Recent positions

  • Oniro Program Manager at Eclipse Foundation (Aug’21 – today)
    • La Palma & Málaga, ES (Remote)
    • Read more… (coming)
  • Open Source coordination & CEO Office
    • at Daimler Global Group Services Madrid for MBition GmbH (Dec’19 – Aug’21)
    • at MBition GmbH (June’19 – Dec’19)
      • Berlin (GE) / Malaga, ES (remote).
  • Principal Consultant at Codethink Ltd (Aug’15 – Apr’19)
  • Director of Core Development Group at Linaro Ltd (Jun’14 to Feb’15)
  • openSUSE manager (Team Lead + Product Manager)  at SUSE (Jun’12 to Apr’14)
  • Manager Director at ASOLIF, Spanish National Federation of Open Source SME Regional Associations – business trade association (Mar’09 to Sept’11)

Early Career: from Oct’98 to Feb’09

  • Co-founder and (interim) CEO at Peritalia SL (Feb’05 to Feb’06)
    • Canary Islands, Spain
    • Description: IT services and consultancy in the legal sector with FOSS. Judiciary reporting.
  • Owner and CEO at Ejercicios Resueltos SLU (Nov’00 to Mar’09)
    • Canary Islands, Spain
    • Phase I: Nov’00 to 2003
      • Description: main activity is IT (Open Source) training
    • Phase II: 2003 to 2005
      • Description: main activity is  FOSS Development and consultancy.
    • Phase III: 2005 to Feb’08
      • Description: Grupo CPD member. Linux distributions, FOSS development, services.
    • Phase IV: Feb’08 to Feb’09
      • Description: migrations projects to FOSS and consultancy.
  • Co-founder and Director at Centro de Enseñanza CODEX (Oct’98 to Nov’00)
    • Canary Islands, Spain
    • Description: training in engineering/scientific areas and IT

Other professional activities

  • Co-founder and Board Member at the Canary Islands Open Source Companies Association, ESLiC (Apr’04 to March’08).