This is a list of the most recent positions held by Agustín. In order to read further information, please follow the links.

Recent positions

  • Program Manager at Eclipse Foundation (Aug’21 – today)
    • La Palma & Málaga, ES (Remote)
    • Read more… (coming)
  • Open Source coordination & CEO Office
    • at Daimler Global Group Services Madrid for MBition GmbH (Dec’19 – Aug’21)
    • at MBition GmbH (June’19 – Dec’19)
      • Berlin (GE) / Malaga, ES (remote).
  • Principal Consultant at Codethink Ltd (Aug’15 – Apr’19)
  • Director of Core Development Group at Linaro Ltd (Jun’14 to Feb’15)
  • openSUSE manager (Team Lead + Product Manager)  at SUSE (Jun’12 to Apr’14)
  • Manager Director at ASOLIF, Spanish National Federation of Open Source SME Regional Associations – business trade association (Mar’09 to Sept’11)

Early Career: from Oct’98 to Feb’09

  • Co-founder and (interim) CEO at Peritalia SL (Feb’05 to Feb’06)
    • Canary Islands, Spain
    • Description: IT services and consultancy in the legal sector with FOSS. Judiciary reporting.
  • Owner and CEO at Ejercicios Resueltos SLU (Nov’00 to Mar’09)
    • Canary Islands, Spain
    • Phase I: Nov’00 to 2003
      • Description: main activity is IT (Open Source) training
    • Phase II: 2003 to 2005
      • Description: main activity is  FOSS Development and consultancy.
    • Phase III: 2005 to Feb’08
      • Description: Grupo CPD member. Linux distributions, FOSS development, services.
    • Phase IV: Feb’08 to Feb’09
      • Description: migrations projects to FOSS and consultancy.
  • Co-founder and Director at Centro de Enseñanza CODEX (Oct’98 to Nov’00)
    • Canary Islands, Spain
    • Description: training in engineering/scientific areas and IT

Other professional activities

  • Co-founder and Board Member at the Canary Islands Open Source Companies Association, ESLiC (Apr’04 to March’08).