Principal Consultant – FOSS at Codethink

As part of Codethink‘s Automotive Business Unit, Agustin:

  1. Represents Codethink Ltd at the Linux Foundation and GENIVI Alliance.
    1. GENIVI: GENIVI Development Platform Lead and Tools Team coordinator
    2. Linux Foundation: Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) CIAT team member and Civil Infrastructure Platform (CIP) member.
  2. Support sales, project management and engineering in services design, analysis and consultancy in areas related with Open Source strategy, processes, delivery and support for companies in the automotive industry.
  3. Work as product/program manager in Open Source projects developed in the open, that requires intensive collaboration with upstream projects or developed within open collaboration forums, like consortium.

GENIVI Development Platform – GDP is the delivery project from the GENIVI Alliance. It has severla outcomes being GDP and Master the most relevant ones. They are developed in the open and integrate the automotive software components developed by the Expert Groups from the Alliance with generic Open Source software components, using Yocto. Read more about the project and Agustín’s participation…

Agustin is based in Málaga, Spain. most of his work is done remotely.