Principal Consultant at Codethink Ltd.

As a a Principal Consultant at Codethink, Agustín:

  1. Provides consultancy to automotive companies in the following topics:
    1. Adoption of Open Source development and delivery best practices within corporate environments.
    2. Transformation processes and practices involved in shipping Linux based systems and platforms in distributed environments: continuous delivery.
    3. Analysis in development and delivery processes and practices within auto-makers and Tier 1 in Open Source and portfolio delivery related topics through reports and workshops.
  2. Lead, coordinate or contributes to FOSS project developed in the open that has Codethink as stakeholder:
    1. Buildstream (May 2018 – Dec 2018)
      • Coordination between development and stakeholders.
      • Project and product management activities: alignment.
      • Contribution in several other non-technical activities like technical meetings/gatherings organization, planning activities, policies definition, etc.
    2. Codethink’s participation at Freedesktop-SDK (Sept 2018 – Dec 2018)
      • General coordination and 2019 planning.
    3.  Civil Infrastructure Platform project, a Linux Foundation Initiative: CIP (2016 – April 2019)
      • CIP Testing project, leading the strategy definition and the Codethink development team, that works in the open developing testing tools and testing the CIP kernel.
      • Coordination of other technical activities like the CIP kernel maintenance up to May 2018.
      • Find more details about the activity developed in the open within CIP in the community project page of this site.
    4. GENIVI Development Platform – GDP (Nov 2015 – Nov 2016)
      • GDP is the delivery project from the GENIVI Alliance. It has several outcomes being GDP and Master the most relevant ones. They are developed in the open and integrate the automotive software components developed by the Expert Groups from the Alliance with generic Open Source software components, using Yocto. Read more about the project and Agustín’s participation…
  3. Represents Codethink Ltd at FOSS organizations.
    1. Linux Foundation: Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) CIAT team member and Civil Infrastructure Platform (CIP) TSC member as Codethink representative.
    2. During the second half of 2015 and most of 2016, Agustín represented Codethink at the GENIVI Alliance.

Agustín is based in Málaga, Spain. He works remotely (home based), visits Codethink’s office in Manchester, UK, about once a quarter and works with customer on site. He also participate in events representing Codethink.