Civil Infrastructure Platform (CIP)

The Civil Infrastructure Platform (CIP) project is a Linux Foundation Initiative aiming to building a Linux based industrial grade core system, called CIP Core, shared across the industry, that will be maintained for many years. Codethink is a founder member of this group and Agustín collaborates as Codethink representative since the very beginning, in 2016. CIP was founded by Siemens, Toshiba, Hitachi, PLat’Home and Codethink.

Beyond this representation work and the participation at the Technical Steering Committee (TSC), Agustín coordinates the engineering activities Codethink is in charge of: CIP Kernel maintenance and testing. He also helps in complementary tasks like promotion, content development, like the CIP white paper, and others.

The following links can provide you a better overview of Agustín’s activity within CIP: