Open Source coordination – CEO Office

Agustin joined MBition in June 2019. Initially, he worked on an evaluation of different aspects of the software infotainment and instrument cluster platform development and delivery. In parallel, he took over the previous efforts at the organization to move MBition from being an Open Source Consumer to becoming an Open Source Contributor.

After defining an initial strategy as continuation of the previous efforts, Agustín led the efforts at MBition to build relations with organizations like KDE and AGL, define basic internal processes, evangelize within MBition and Daimler senior management about Open Source, coordinate those early Open Source related activities, define the profiles required to push Open Source internally, like in the license compliance or legal fronts. Finally Agustín actively participated in the identification and hiring processes of such high skilled profiles. Today MBition have one of the most solid and experienced in Open Source lineups in automotive despite its size.

In December 2019 Agustín joined Daimler Group Services Madrid SA to keep pushing MBition´s Open Source strategy and supporting the product team, now remotely from Spain. During this time, Agustín also put effort towards turning MBition into a more remote friendly organization, including the hiring of remote workers. This effort paid off during the pandemic.

During the spring of 2020, Agustín moved away from leading the Open Source efforts at MBition and became part of the CEO Office to drive executive topics including the support of the product leadership team in delivery and management topics related with continuous delivery principles and practices, push the establishment of software production metrics, negotiation of new partnerships, contracting Open Source companies to work with us at both sides of the firewall, establishing the foundational work for mid term collaboration with Open Source organization on high impact automotive software engineering topics, etc.

Agustín finished his involvement with MBition on August of 2021.

MBition GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of Mercedes Benz that creates software products for a variety of Mercedes Benz carlines, including the next generation infotainment and instrument cluster systems.

Daimler Group Services Madrid, as shared Service Center and Center of Competences, offers different services to DAIMLER companies: Finance and Accounting experts, SAP Consultants, IT Security, BI and Big Data solutions, etc.