openSUSE manager at SUSE

The real title was openSUSE Team Lead. Agustin was also in charge of the Product management activities, together with other community management responsibilities..The openSUSE Team was a multidisciplinary formed by 13 members distributed in 6 different locations (3 time zones). This team is in charge of the following tasks:

  • Coordination, integration, stabilization and release of the openSUSE distribution: 12.2 (last release phase), 12.3 and 13.1 releases.
  • Design and direction of the transformation process that led to Tumbleweed, the openSUSE rolling release, targeting OS developers.

Other key responsibilities were:

  • Design, development, deployment, release and/or support of a variety of opennSUSE tools:

All these actions were done in collaboration with the openSUSE community and/or other SUSE Teams, specially the infrastructure/service team.

The openSUSE Team at SUSE was also put significant effort on regular basis in the following actions, related with the openSUSE Community:

  • Community Events:
    • Organization of the openSUSE Conference 2012.
    • Support and coordination activities at openSUSE Conference 2013.
    • Several openSUSE Hackatons
    • Organization or/and community support to ensure openSUSE presence in key events like SUSECon, FOSDEM and others
    • Organization and/or support of upstream events like, KDE Sprints, GNOME Hackfests, openSUSE Summit…
  • Marketing/communication of openSUSE Team and openSUSE community activities
  • Coordination of the openSUSE Merchandising Program

Agustin coordinated and/or managed directly the financial and administrative activities within SUSE related with the openSUSE community and the openSUSE Team. As a Team Lead he was the line manager of the openSUSE Team members. He drove the openSUSE 2013-2016 strategy design, together with the 1st Action Plan under that new strategy, the new openSUSE development version, later called Tumbleweed. Agustin reported to the SUSE Director of Operations and Communities.