Oniro Program Manager at Eclipse Foundation

Agustín joined The Eclipse Foundation in August 2021 as Oniro Program Manager. At Eclipse, Program Managers have three main assignments:

  • Become the liaison between the assigned project and the Eclipse Foundation.
  • Facilitate that the project works under the Eclipse Foundation principles and values.
  • Support the Working Group Members to make the project a success.

Oniro, before becoming an Eclipse Foundation project, was developed in the open, following many of the Open Source principles and practices. It was called AllScenarioOS, led by Huawei through its OSTC in Europe. The project was contributed to Eclipse Foundation late in 2021 and called Oniro. Agustín invested most of his efforts during the first year in the role in supporting the onboarding of Oniro into Eclipse Foundation.

Agustín supported Oniro Members in the creation of the Oniro Working Group and Project charters, in the formation and proper functioning of their governance bodies as well as the definition of the Working Group Program Plan 2022 as well as a variety of key processes like the Oniro Platform Release Roadmap process or the Oniro Prospects Pipeline management process.

Oniro was the first big operating system under Eclipse Foundation. Such kind projects bring challenges to any organization in areas like IT or IP. Agustín’s experience in the operating system field as well as Open Source foundations has helped to make this onboarding process smoother on both ends.

In addition, Agustín supported the project in areas like business development and communication, bringing attention to the project among developers and organizations to increase Oniro’s community and ecosystem.