Eclipse Oniro

Eclipse Oniro Mission is to create a fully Open Source platform and associated open specifications that enables cross-vendor device interoperability across a broad range of IoT and Edge solutions with a device-centric view.

ONIRO has a layered architecture built around the Yocto Project and Bitbake build system. The Yocto Project provides an excellent tool set for developing a highly customizable, and cross-kernel platform. When targeting multi-device ecosystems, Yocto tool set provides the capabilities to tweak layers and recipes to add, configure or remove subsystems, functions or modules as required. From bottom to top, Oniro consist of the kernel layer, toolchain and system service layers, framework layers and application layers.

At the beginning of 2023, oniro-core includes Zephyr, FreeRTOS (experimental) and Linux to cover a wide range of constrained and Edge devices. Oniro supports Arduino Nano, RPi4 and some Member boards, in addition to QEMU.

Oniro Project offers complementary services and tooling associated to the development of the Oniro Platform like testing, license compliance, maintenance, deployment pipelines, etc. In addition, several key processes and programs are designed and follow to coordinate the planning, development, release and maintenance of the Oniro Platform.

Oniro is about sharing effort, but also and foremost about:

  • EU-centric project with global outreach.
  • Leverage Eclipse Foundation governance principles: Open Source, Open Governance and Vendor Neutrality
  • Co-innovation through collaboration
  • Device centric approach: target all devices, big and small
  • Agreed set of APIs, configurations,protocols, practices, specifications…
  • Industry alignment for a global market: compatibility program

The first version under Eclipse Foundation (Oniro v2.0) was released in December 2022.

Oniro is a key part of Eclipse Foundation’s vision for IoT & Edge space.

Reference links

Eclipse Oniro ecosystem (Working Group – WG)

  • Oniro Working Group Charter: main document describing the Oniro Working Group key governance elements and processes.
  • Oniro WG Gitlab: information about Oniro WG activity
  • Oniro WG wiki: information about events and processes related with Oniro.
  • Oniro WG Program Plans and budgets: description of the yearly objectives and budget to support them.
  • Video playlist: videos of the different talks and workshops about different aspects of Oniro from the business, product and technical perspective.
  • Contributions from Agustín in the Oniro WG gitlab. oniro-wg (ecosystem) and oniro-dev (community) mailing lists archive.

Eclipse Oniro community (projects)