KDE Connect: becoming an official KDE eV program for organizations

During the last 3-4 weeks we have been testing if KDE Connect attract attention from different organizations. To do so, we have done the following:
  • Make a presentation during  Akademy-es in Saragossa
  • Talk to different organization representatives and KDE people at LinuxTag about the project to get feedback.
Both experience has been positive so we think we are now prepare for the following step, getting the ok from KDE eV to the Action Plan.
Back in February, I presented the project general design to KDE eV and we agree on keep pushing it,  creating a team and developing an Action Plan. After some work, it is time to discuss it. So within the Board of Directors first and then within the eV, we will discuss the proposal made by KDE Connect team to make sure KDE networking program for organizations is a success.
To reinforce the project, along with Akademy team, we have decided to organize a networking session during Akademy 2012, on Monday 2nd, during the afternoon, so organizations attending to our event can participate and get a clear idea of what KDE Connect pretend and how they can take advantage out of it.
If you are interested in attending please stay tuned to this blog or Akademy website. Participation will be free (of cost) but you’ll need to register.

Adelanto sobre lo que será KDE Connect en Akademy-es

En Akademy-es van a presentarse diversas novedades en las que intervienen de manera directa desarrolladores españoles. Muon Discover es una de ellas, por ejemplo.
Una de las más relevantes será KDE Connect. Se trata de un nuevo programa para diversos tipos de organizaciones, entre ellos empresas, que pretende estructurar la relación que KDE mantiene con ellas, atrayendo nuevas a nuestro ecosistema.
¿Cómo pretendemos hacer esto posible?
KDE Connect será un programa de networking internacional en el que podrán participar representantes y ejecutivos de organizaciones de todo el mundo. KDE actuará como organizador y dinamizador, tratando de identificar y definir, junto a los participantes, nuevas oportunidades, de acuerdo a los fines e intereses de cada una de ellas.
Definiendo una estructura mínima, una procedimientos y principios generales, desarrollando actividades de networking, apoyándonos en la experiencia que atesoramos en materia de establecimiento y fortalecimiento de relaciones (comunidad),  y todo ello respaldado por profesionales con experiencia en entornos corporativos, pretendemos crear una red que, con el tiempo, se comporte como un ecosistema propio, en simbiosis con KDE.


Las organizaciones no sólo verán así reducida su barrera para interactuar con KDE, sino que podrán formar parte de una red que les ofrece nuevas oportunidades, de modo que, adoptando una actitud activa y ayudados por un equipo bien estructurado de KDE, puedan incluir KDE Connect en sus estrategias de, por ejemplo, internacionalización, búsqueda de talento, desarrollo de modelos de negocio basados en sodtware libre, búsqueda de partners, prospecciones de nuevos mercados, búsquedas de aliados en diferentes áreas, etc..
Es decir, pretendemos apoyarnos en nuestras fortalezas para innovar en el modo en el que nos relacionamos con diversos tipos de organizaciones, abandonando las adaptaciones de programas de partnership tradicionales y centrándonos en nuestra naturaleza de comunidad abierta.
Adelanto de KDE Connect en Akademy-es

Espero que la charla que impartiré sobre KDE Connect, que tendrá lugar en el CIEM de Zaragoza, el sábado 19 a las 18:15, dentro de Akademy-es, sea del interés de todos y, sobre todo, de profesionales autónomos, empresas y otras organizaciones como Universidades, ONG, entidad sin ánimo de lucro, asociaciones empresariales, centros de I+D, etc.


El acceso es gratuito, pero debes registrarte. Gracias a organizadores y a nuestros sponsors por hacer el evento posible. También a KDE España, claro.

Apoya a KDE

Recuerda que, una de las maneras en las que puedes apoyar a KDE es formando parte del programa “Join the Game“.
Les espero.

Akademy-es 2012, the annual Spanish KDE event, will take place next weekend

KDE Spain, in collaboration with Saragossa City Council, The Saragossa Knowledge Foundation and the Aragon regional FLOSS SME cluster (CESLA) organizes Akademy-es 2012, the V edition of the yearly meeting where KDE community from Spain meets. It will take place next weekend, from Friday 18th to Sunday 20th in Saragossa.

This year we pay special attention, beside pure KDE contents, to Qt and companies, with several talks related to them. KDE Spain (a legal entity), as usual,  also celebrates its annual assembly on Saturday, May 19th, as part of the event.

We have several sponsors. One of them, Wadobo, is owned by Eduardo Robles Elvira (aka edulix). This is nothing but a confirmation of how Free Software communities, even local ones, work as business incubators, feeding the project back. This is definitely, something to promote even more in KDE.

On Friday 18th I’m giving a talk specially oriented to companies. I will try to explain them the advantages of getting involved in a community driven Free Software project like KDE. On Saturday 19th I will talk about KDE Connect.

I’m glad to see that this year we will also have several talks from representatives of non KDE initiatives that helps us in different ways, like Jesus, G. Barahona, from Libresoft (we collaborate in FP7 project ALERT) or Paul Brown, from Linux Magazine (Spanish version director). We will also have OpenSUSE related contents. I hope next year some other distros propose talks for Akademy-es.

KDE Connect progress

The last few weeks KDE Connect Team has been working on different areas. To know a little more about KDE Connect please check the end of this post.


Thanks to our awesome sysadmin team, we have a management tool to help us coordinating every effort we do. KDE Connect in not an isolated project. We already have or will have relation with many other KDE projects so we want to make sure we are prepared for growing without heavily increasing the administrative and coordination efforts needed to offer a high quality service.

KDE Connect will have mailing lists, IRC channels, forums…everything you expect from a community project. We will be open them up by demand, little by little. So don’t expect them as soon as the project is launched.

Artwork and marketing

Asun Sánchez is designing our logo and we are preparing a brochure for organizations that might want to join us. It will include a basic description of the Program and the basic terms and conditions.

KDE Connect will be presented during Akademy-es that will take place in Saragossa from May 18th to 20th.

Akademy 2012 Program Committee has just communicate me that the KDE Connect talk has been accepted so we will have a presentation this summer at Tallin, Estonia.

Procedures and activities

We are also defining the basic procedures that will be followed by KDE Connect team and organizations involved. The networking activities are also being described so KDE Connect Team members can have clear guidelines.


The roadmap is also under development. The initial plan is to launch KDE Connect in May. We will organize several activities during Akademy, so we need to do some previous work with organizations that will attend to our central event.

If everything goes as expected, I will be attending to LinuxTag 2012 helping in KDE booth and doing some KDE eV Board work .

Join KDE Connect Team

I would like to thank all the people that is helping me in this idea. If you are a KDE members and want to get involved, get in touch with me.

KDE Connect previous references

KDE Connect: preparing the new program

KDE Connect preparations keep going. Right now we are taking some key decisions for the future and also preparing the tools and some of the basic procedures to coordinate this effort. Every goes slow but forward. We are in no hurry since we want to make sure we do it well.

Yes, we changed the name. The Program won’t be called KDE ON anymore but KDE Connect. We think is closer to the project goal.

KDE Connect is our effort to create an ecosystem of companies, educational organizations and non-profit entities around our community. We pretend to structure the early stages of the involvement these organizations that approaches KDE. But also we want to give them the chance to meet each other, interact and create new opportunities.

Right now we are recruiting a group of people willing to help us with little things or concrete tasks we need to do in order to launch the project as soon as we can, having Akademy 2012 as major milestone. We are also working on the tools we will use to manage the project and defining some procedures for simple and basic tasks.

I’m happy about how things are going since it looks like most KDE members understand how important and the relevant impact KDE Connect can have in the future for KDE. This is the first but mandatory step in order to create a medium term project. We will reach a point where most tasks and procedures will be defined so we will need some people to help us executing them.

Obviously, going through this process will mean that many of them will change. That is the good thing about working with smart people, right? They help you to turn good ideas into great projects.