Software events in Málaga

In May, there has been two interesting conferences in Málaga that  I have attended to:

J On The Beach

Since I moved back to Málaga, I have been trying to attend to this conference and for one reason or another, I couldn’t, until this 2018 edition. J On The Beach is the most international software event that takes place in the south of Spain on regular basis and this year it was no exception. It is a very well organised event, with good speakers, up to date topics and participants from many different countries. The conference is in English.

My expectations were high and the event met them. I had the chance to listen for the very first time to M. Hashimoto, that provided the audience an overview of Terraform. It is always a pleasure to listen to those who create the code you use. In that regard, he is becoming very popular for tools like Vagrant or Terraform itself. I enjoyed the talk very much as I did with the talks from  H. Karau and J. Amstrong. By the way, M. Hashimoto will be speaking at OSSJ 2018 in a few days so I will have the chance to see him again, but this time in Tokyo.

J On The Beach is a 3 days long event where the first one is focused in workshops and training sessions while the other two are mostly talks. After the closure a party is organised with good music and plenty of drinks.

I recommend to my readers to pay attention to next year edition. Add this event to your list. Tickets are sold fast so subscribe and pay attention to the newsletter to find out when can you get one.


OpenSouthCode is a general purpose FOSS event, very popular among students and local hackers. Last year I talked about the FOSS automotive platforms developed by AGL and GENIVI. This year I provided an overview of CIP, the work that we are currently doing and near future plans. Check the slides for more information.

OpenSouthCode in a two days event. The first one, on a Friday, is all about workshops, meetup and training activities while the second one, on a Saturday, is reserved for talks in Spanish.

If you live in the South of Spain or happen to be around when this event takes place, I totally recommend it.

Coming Events to Málaga

There are two additional software events in Málaga to pay attention to:


There are more and more international software companies coming to Málaga and several of them are gaming companies,. There are also a few Spanish ones. If you are into games development or you are a avid gamer, this will be a great event for you.

PyConES 2018

Codethink sponsored PyConES 2017 and several of my colleagues attended together with me. One of them, Pedro Álvarez was part of the organization. It took place in Cáceres, Extremadura. This edition will take place in Málaga. I plan to attend again. This is a 400 people event packed of Python developers.

Further notes

I would like to see more international FOSS events coming to Málaga. It is a great place to organise a conference: it has a big airport with connections to all major hubs in Europe, direct flights to many European cities, fast train to both, Madrid and Barcelona, many accommodations from a wide range of prices and quality, a big congress palace and hotels to host events, good weather most of the year, the beach, Granada, Ronda, Antequera or Sevilla are close enough… and an increasing number of software companies opening offices in the area. It is nice to not having to travel to attend to a good conference once in a while.

OpenSouthCode el evento de Open Source del sur de la Península Ibérica

Este sábado 6 de mayo se vuelve a celebrar el OpenSouthCode, el principal evento FLOSS que hay en el sur de la Península Ibérica. Tiene lugar en Málaga y esta edición cuenta con un programa más amplio incluso que la pasada. El día anterior, el viernes 5 de mayo, hay varios meetups en la misma sede, como aperitivo del evento.

El lugar donde se celebra, La Térmica, es ideal para este tipo de actividades. La época del año es inmejorable para los amantes del buen tiempo y algunos de los profesionales que participan son de primera línea. Está bien organizado y en esta edición habrá stands de diferentes proyectos. La hora de la comida resultó especialmente atractiva el pasado año. Algunos dinosaurios decidimos comer juntos… y salió bien.

Participaré en esta edición dando una charla introductoria sobre cómo se producen los sistemas IVI para automoción basados en Linux y cómo deberían producirse. Hay muuucho espacio de mejora, obviamente.

Asimismo estaré ayudando en el stand de KDE en el que promocionaremos también el próximo Akademy, que se celebra este mes de julio en Almería. Como suele suceder cuando el evento internacional tiene lugar en España, el Akademy-es también tendrá lugar esos días en el mismo lugar.

Si estás en Andalucía este fin de semana, vente al OpenSouthCode. Si tienes problemas de desplazamiento o quieres venir junto a otros asistentes, únete al canal de Telegram opensouthcode. Hay grupos organizándose para venir desde diferentes puntos de Andalucía.

Actualización: han publicado en el blog de OpenSouthCode una entrevista que me realizaron ayer Miércoles,