Richard Dale in Tenerife

Richard Dale has spent some days in Tenerife. I have had the chance to be with him most of the time and the only thing I can say is that it’s been a pleasure. Richard is the number one in his job (Qt-Ruby) but also a great guy.

We have been trying to figure out how Kmenu works in order to customized it for mEDUXa. We also have been designing (with Enrique Zanardi) some other key mEDUXa’s features.

He gave a conference in ULL (Tenerife’s college). More than 50 people assisted. It was a great surprise. Esteban Manchado (another guy from Grupo CPD, a debian developer and an expert on RoR) is teaching a course in ULPGC (Gran Canaria’s college) about RoR with a great success. It looks like it exists great interest related with free software in the Canary Islands. We (Grupo CPD) have to develop more events in order to satisfy that demand.

Richard and I have been talking about wikis vs word processors. These conversations will help me a lot in a document I’m writing about this. On september he gonna come back to Tenerife for another conference.

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