Last news from Toscalix

Last thursday Esteban Manchado came to Tenerife to work on mEDUXa and to make a demo of RoR in the ULL (Universidad de La Laguna). About 70 people assisted. It was a success. I think we have to keep giving this kind of talks on college so students learn more about free software. More information on grupo CPD‘s web

We have almost finished the mEDUXa updater, based on debian sarge installed on a VMWare virtual server over Windows 2003. The test we have made have showed us that is going to be a very efficient tool, isn’t that a surprise? It is for me. It works just as Esteban said it would. We are almost done with the desktop and kiosk configuration. We have to make some cofigurations in order to not allow users to change some configurations as the proxy path or the default URL.

We gonna begin to desing another parts of the project next month, especially the web, which gonna be the face of mEDUXa. We gonna use plone + mediawiki. I think is a great combination for such a project. We have experience with both tools so hopefully we’ll be able to do a good job.

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