Let’s do it

Sometime we concentrate on little things that matter a lot to us but has no impact on what we are doing. I frecuently come to disscussions in my everyday live in which I put a lot of my energy but, overall are not worth it. Sometimes I have people around me telling me that there’s no point on “trying to win” those arguing but moving forward and pushing hard to accomplish the real goal. But sometimes I don’t have them.

This Akademy is being great so far, but as always happens when innovating, I’ve seen a lot of tough disscussions. Some of them matters, and some don’t. Or at least to the project as a whole or not to acomplish the global goal, which is to have a great product made by a healthy community and having a lot of people using it.

This article [1] [2] just got into my e-mail client and I want it to share it with you. Even if it’s not totally true, it reflects how much work is ahead of us.

So let’s concentrate more in what matters and a little less in other things. It is not that we are doing bad….I just want to share this feeling that we can do even better. There are tons of opportunities out there, and now we have a great product and the best community we’ve ever have.

Let’s do it.

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OS_market_share
[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Operating_system_usage_share.svg

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