¿Why will I celebrate the Software Freedom Day?

Tomorrow we celebrate the Software Freedom Day. The hispanos translate it into Día del Software Libre. I’m going to celebrate it because of the following reasons:

1.- I think it is a good tribute to those that, before me, fought hard to make Software Libre and the movement around it posible.

2.- This day should serve as an inspiration to those who keep putting effort and illussion to promote freedom through Software Libre, to those who want to bring justice to Software market and to those who, like myself, still feel motivated by innovation around ingeenering in general, and software in particular. During the everyday battle we loose part of ourselves and ocassionally we need some extra energy.

3.- All our effort is useless if our work is not known and understood by others, no matter if they agree or not with our statements. Only if they know what we do and why we do it, they will be able to understand us, which is the only way to respect us the same way we respect them.

Beacuse at the very end, this day is about celebrating that we now can choose. That is freedom. Happy Software Freedom Day. Celebrate your freedom.

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