Season of KDE: we need you, KDE contributor, to get involved

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KDE provides a great oportunity for students interested in computer science, designers, translators, etc., to improved their skills in a worldwide, structured and organized libre software community project. The result of their work could be used by millions of users.
Season of KDE is the program our community has built to give new contrinutors the chance to get involved in KDE in a smooth way, supported by experienced contributors. Coordinated by Lydia Pintscher, we are being really successful in getting potential contributors to join the program. After all the effort done in the past, and the great opportunity we have in front of us to increase our community, it is KDE’s time to give all these young students the opportunity to become part of our journey.
We need you to join the program by mentoring these new contributors.
Why should you become a Season of KDE mentor?

  1. It is the best way to support the great job some KDE members are doing for bringing new developers into our community.
  2. Season of KDE is a great opportunity for you to attract some new contributors to your project.
  3. Do you remember your first few weeks as a KDE developer? Make it easier for new contributors to join our community.
  4. It is a great starting point for you if you want to become a GsoC mentor in the near future.

To join Season of KDE as a mentor, please contact Lydia Pintscher.
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