My experience in an install party…. after so long.

Yesterday I went to an Install Party in Málaga. It’s was back in 2005 when I attended to the previous one. It took place in La Casa Invisible, a well know place because of the activities organized there related with free software, and free culture, among others. I friend of mine, Gabriel Ochoa, was the main organizer.
I went there with a friend of mine who wanted to try GNU/Linux for the first time in her PC. Since the Party goal wasn’t to install Ubuntu, I didn’t push my friend to install KDE. It would be unpolite. But it wasn’t necessary.
I took my netbook with me (Acer Aspire One, the first model with 512 MB RAM and 8 Gb HD) with Debian + KDE (Plasma Netbook) and it was a huge success. Nobody knew about it so I ended up explaining to a couple of people how to install it.
It was my first experience with Unity and I must confess that I liked it, which it is not a surprise since I’m a big fan of clean desktops and shortcuts. My friend loved it to. Somehow the Party took me back to previous days where I used to screw up my computer trying all kind of things, since I had technicians hired who fixed my computer every time. Oh man, poor guys. I used to torture them so frecuently ….
So my conclusion is that we need a lot of promo actions (no news here right?) because our desktop is pretty and attract a lot of attention instantly. Here in the south of Spain GNOME and Ubuntu are very popular so there’s a lot to do. My second conclusion is that Unity is a good competitor so I guess we have a third player in this business. Welcome Unity. Let’s kick some proprietary desktops ass.

One thought on “My experience in an install party…. after so long.

  1. Good point about kde promo, the best option might be what you just did, having the desktop there and making them asking, they may be curious, and going the trouble of asking creates a special link with it, you would remember more a conversation than a video.
    About unity, I agree that it's a nice desktop, but it's a shame is so ubuntu-centered, It would be awesome if it was more distro agnostic.


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