KDE as incubator and as an umbrella for other projects: KDE project definition

In KDE we discussed some years ago about who we were and should we define our selves as a project. In simple words, we came up defining KDE as the community the develop the software.
This could be seem as trivial, but in fact, it has a big impact in many areas beside marketing. We put in value our people and our relations, that mean, our ecosystem, above our technologies or our software. 
KDE is currently discussing another hot and relevant topic for the following years, with implications in many areas. We are trying to define what is a KDE project.
An obvious use case we are trying to give a good solution to is a project that is born in KDE and gets commercial success. KDE is becoming a great incubator for commercial activities run by KDE members, so we need to define a few, simple and basic rules to improve them without hurting the project. We have a huge potential in this incubator role.
But there is also another use case that, to me, could have even bigger impact on us. I’m talking about those project who are not KDE right now but could become part of our ecosystem in the future. To them, the definition we give to a KDE project and its implications are key for their possible future as part of KDE.
Our community is a great place to develop your ideas, to share, collaborate and to become successful from different perspectives, including commercially. We need to improve our role as business/project incubators and, at the same time, attract to KDE those projects who could be more successful under our umbrella than by themselves. There are many of those out there. Let’s make it easy for them to join us.
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3 thoughts on “KDE as incubator and as an umbrella for other projects: KDE project definition

  1. Even if KDE finally use Apache model as mirror, I doubt that, we get exactly there, since during the transition some changes would be added.

    I think the process should be designed, but also there should be space for evolution. Apache is maybe “too corporative” for KDE.

    But this is just my preliminary opinion. I haven't put much thinking into it.


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