Last months

Last four months have gone fast, really fast:

  • Akademy-es in Zaragoza
  • Flying to Berling to work on KDE eV economic report and LinuxTag
  • Moving to Nuremebrg
  • Begin to work as openSUSE Team Lead at SUSE
  • Prepare my Akademy keynote and my talk about KDE Connect
  • Develop and present the economic report during KDE eV AGM plus Board elections
  • Complete the administrative work derived from relocation
  • Flying to GUADEC
  • Looking for a flat and moving.

and working, of course. All of them time consuming, but specially, vital energy consuming. So this August I’ve been trying to cool down a little and go back to routine, now that I have my flat (how important is this step, right?).

Meanwhile, at SUSE…..

the openSUSE Release team, together with the community, have managed to release 12.2 RC2 on time. This could be no news for openSUSE users and supporters. But for us means that we are delivering even tough we are in a transition phase, and despite the fact that we are reducing the pressure over the Release Team instead of increasing it. Delivering on time is always a good sign.

12.2 RC2 is usable so, if you are a developer or an openSUSE power user, consider installing it and giving us feedback. No major bugs should be expected but your reports are very valuable to us. I already have it in my laptop and, except for little details, it works as expected. If you prefer to wait until September 5th, you will be able to install the fresh 12.2. openSUSE Team at SUSE is finishing these days the last few tasks, specially related with generating the Gold Master and creating marketing material.

This month of August openSUSE Team is also putting energy into the openSUSE Conference organization. As you probably know, this is not a normal event. We host four events in one

  • Future Media
  • openSUSE Conference
  • Gentoo Conference
  • Linux Days

so there is a lot to do, as you can imagine. Organizing Free Software events is something that follows me in every job I take, no matter where that is. I’m kind of getting used to it. Don’t know if that is a good sign though.

openSUSE community in America has an important milestone in September at openSUSE Summit, the community conference organized right after the SUSE Conference in Orlando, Florida, USA. So if you live in South, Central or North America and like openSUSE, don’t miss it. More than 50 people have registered already so it looks like is going to be a good opportunity to give a push to our community in North America.

So September and October are going to be busy months for me and the Team.

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