Kick off of my personal site

Since I started my professional life, I have been creating and publishing content on internet. Many have also published references about me, projects I am involved or topics that interest me and I want to follow. This site is an attempt to collect the information I produce, others publish about what I am involved in or simply things I am interested on and can be valuable to others.

I have chosen Google sites for simplicity. If this initiative mature, I would probably choose a different tool, who knows. The look and feel is not the best one you will find. Like content, I hope it will mature and get better overtime. Google site allow me to interact with tools I already use and, what is more important, keep public and private content, which is handy in some circumstances.

This site will not substitute any of the other tools I contribute to or use. I will still write my blog posts in blogger (sad to see that Blogger is so poorly integrated with other Google tools), the slides in Slideshare, I will keep using G+, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. I will simply try to use this site as a central point, specially for those professionally interested in what I do.