Closing doors: MBition

After a little under two and a half years since the day I joined MBition, I am no longer working for this Mercedes-Benz 100% subsidiary. In that period the company has triple its size and it is still growing. MBition’s main product has moved from inception (a little before I joined) to be well on it’s way to become the next generation infotainment and instrument cluster systems for Mercedes-Benz. Meanwhile, the company has moved from a co-located to a remote-friendly environment and, when it comes to the Open Source Journey, it has moved forward from being purely a consumer to start contributing to different Open Source projects as well as having a great line-up of Open Source talent, especially when compared to to other auto makers.

I am proud of have been part of such transition.

I started my involvement focusing my activity in Open Source topics and, when senior talent was hired in this field, I incrementally focused on the infotainment platform, as part of the CEO Office. In the meantime I went from being hired by MBition directly (Berlin part-time) to work fully remotely from Spain (Daimler Group Services Madrid), becoming the front-line of a set up that is being consolidated nowadays, not just in Spain, but in other countries too, providing the company a path to become a global remote-friendly organization.

I am specially proud of the relation built by MBition with KDE, as example of the mutual benefit that Open Source communities and companies can enjoy when the company, in this case MBition, do the homework and take the right steps to build a sustainable relation. It sets a great example for MBition on how to build similar kind of relations with other communities and, at the same time, it brings a very interesting player to the KDE ecosystem, willing to use the technologies developed in the open into their vehicles.

I would like to thank Johan Thelin for recommending me to join MBition and supporting me throughout my onboarding. Also thanks to Gregor Zetsche, MBition’s CEO, for believing in me and making my life easier while being an employee.

What’s next? I will write about it in the coming days.

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