Talks / interviews


This is the list of the most relevant or interesting (from my point of view) talks that I have given lately, in chronological order:


  • OpenSouthCode 2023. Jun’23, Malaga, ES, “Uso de métricas en producción de software a escala”
    • Slides. Video. Not available yet



Hiatus during the last few months of 2020 and most of 2021. Most of my activity during 2020 and the first half of 2021 took place behind the MBition’s firewall. So I feel I have not much interesting to talk about. Most of the topics I worked on are confidential anyway, so I decided to stop this activity as speaker for a while.







  • Linaro Connect HKG’15. Core Development Department lightning talks, session 2. Watch the video.
  • TLPInnova’15 (Tenerife LAN Party, in Spanish)
  • TEDxLaLaguna talk titled Free Software, beyond software (in Spanish) Oct’14. Canary Islands, ES.
  • Linaro Connect LCU’14, Sept’14, Bay area, US. Core Development Department Wrap-up.


You can find more slide decks from previous years at my Slideshare account.


This is a list of some interviews I could collect from internet:

  • Interview in Spanish from La Hora Maker, a well known video-blog in latin countries related with Open Source software, hardware and maker spaces.
  • CIP Member Spotlight: Codethink. Interview to Agustín published in the CIP blog.
  • Interview at CIP project website about Codethink’s involvement in CIP, a Linux Foundation Initiative, published in March 2018.
  • Interview at Linux Veda, July 2014. Interview about Linaro and KDE.
  • Interview in The Dot, May 2012. Interview about KDE and personal aspects.
  • The future of openSUSE, my keynote and the openSUSE Conference 2012. Watch the video.
  • Interview at Akademy-es 2010 in Spanish. Watch the  first video and the second video.