Talks / interviews


This is the list of the most relevant or interesting (from my point of view) talks that I have given lately, in chronological order:







  • Linaro Connect HKG’15. Core Development Department lightning talks, session 2. Watch the video.
  • TLPInnova’15 (Tenerife LAN Party, in Spanish)
  • TEDxLaLaguna talk titled Free Software, beyond software (in Spanish) Oct’14. Watch the video.
  • LCU’14 Core Development Wrap-up.



This is a list of some interviews I could collect from internet:

  • Interview in Spanish from La Hora Maker, a well known video-blog in latin countries related with Open Source software, hardware and maker spaces.
  • CIP Member Spotlight: Codethink. Interview to Agustín published in the CIP blog.
  • Interview at CIP project website about Codethink’s involvement in CIP, a Linux Foundation Initiative, published in March 2018.
  • Interview at Linux Veda, July 2014. Interview about Linaro and KDE.
  • Interview in The Dot, May 2012. Interview about KDE and personal aspects.
  • The future of openSUSE, my keynote and the openSUSE Conference 2012. Watch the video.
  • Interview at Akademy-es 2010 in Spanish. Watch the  first video and the second video.