New blog post. Testing => quality. Really?

There is a growing misunderstanding among many decision makers and developers that approach Open Source these days with the relation between automated testing and quality. With this blog post I intend to summarises the best practices that Open Source projects has traditionally applied with a huge impact in softrware quality. Despite the efervescense of automated testing, are still more alive than ever.

Check the blog post. I am looking forward to read your opinions about it.

I joined Codethink Ltd as Principal Consultant – FOSS

This August I joined Codethink Ltd, an independent consultancy and services Open Source company with a wide experience in the embedded and automotive sector and more recently with good hits in the cloud. After working for some weeks from my home island, La Palma, I moved to Málaga in December where I will be based, that is, I will work remotely, since the headquarters are located in Manchester, UK.

To know more about my responsibilities, please check the Professional Background page.

New blog post: Virtue of Necessity. Canary, sublime your company

Published in my English blog an article titled Virtue of Necessity. Canary, sublime your company, describing the idea behind the talk I delivered on July 16th, in Tenerife as art of the Open Source track within the TLP Innova event, which was part of the Tenerife LAN Party 2015, the biggest technological event in the Canary Islands.

The slides can be found in my Slideshare account.

Latest content additions

I have added my professional background of the last few years. There are still links missing but I think the current content can provide a clear idea of what I’ve done and my responsibilities in my last 3 roles. The following step should be to add further links and to include information about my involvement in KDE.

I have also added a section about those books that have been important to me. You can add comments to that page and recommend further readings, for instance.

On the design part, I still have zero idea of what to do about it.

Kick off of my personal site

Since I started my professional life, I have been creating and publishing content on internet. Many have also published references about me, projects I am involved or topics that interest me and I want to follow. This site is an attempt to collect the information I produce, others publish about what I am involved in or simply things I am interested on and can be valuable to others.

I have chosen Google sites for simplicity. If this initiative mature, I would probably choose a different tool, who knows. The look and feel is not the best one you will find. Like content, I hope it will mature and get better overtime. Google site allow me to interact with tools I already use and, what is more important, keep public and private content, which is handy in some circumstances.

This site will not substitute any of the other tools I contribute to or use. I will still write my blog posts in blogger (sad to see that Blogger is so poorly integrated with other Google tools), the slides in Slideshare, I will keep using G+, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. I will simply try to use this site as a central point, specially for those professionally interested in what I do.