Málaga Conference about free software

I assisted to Málaga Conference about Free Software. I went with Gonzalo Aller, from Grupo CPD, among others.

Wednesday morning

I’ve seen the new linex product for primary schools. It’s great. Although I don’t agree with some ideas that we included in mEDUXa primaria, the job they have done is great. One detail it’s cool, they have called the user space exactly the same as we did, “Mi mochila”. We have called “La Mochila”. Eventhough it is a word used frecuently in spanish schools, it is a coincidence. I’m am happy about it. It means we are in the right way.

I talked with people from most of the educational distributions from spain. The argentinian’s developer of Linex, Dario Rapisardi, explained to me the new Linex desktop for children. We have to learn from Linex project beeing aware that they are innovating, so many of their actions we’llbe wrong. If we use them, we have to be prepare to fail. If we don’t we can fail anyway, but we also gonna go slower. The conclusion is, I think, we should use their ideas and make them advance futher.


He visto la Linex para primaria. Se basa en el concepto mixto de barra de iconos e iconos en el escritorio. Son tres niveles. El primero de ellos para no lectores, el segundo para neo lectores y el tercero para niños que ya leen.

He hablado con la gente de Madrid, de Guadalinex, de Lliurex y de Molinux. El desarrollador de Linex, Darío Rapisardi, me ha explicado lo que han hecho para primaria. Lo han intalado en 3 colegios de primaria durante 4 meses y ahora lo lanzarán en todos. Es la idea que deberían hacer en MEDUSA.

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