Wednesday afternoon in Málaga (first day)

I assisted to Michail Bletsas’s conference. But I arrived late so I didn heard the hardware part. It was a nice conference. Meanwhile a talked with the Miguel García Capilla, from XOOPS project.

I’ve been talked in the afternoon with KDE developers, the developer of Quanta Plus, Andras Mantia, a developer of KDE PIM, Till Adam, the tecnician responsable of migration in Berlin with NX, Michael Manke, the developer of “Hot New Stuff…”, Alexander Dymo, a mainteiner of KDevelop and some other guys. I’ve already knew them from Akademy 2005. Melenas, a solid member of KDE-hispano, is doing a good job with kde-Guadalinex. I listened his conferenceand we have to collaborate.

I’ve meet again David Santos Orcero. I’t always a pleasure talk to him. I’ve meet the Bulma guys. David introduced them to me. I’ve also meet the president of Gnome hispano (don’t remember his name). The first impression is that he is a inteligent guy, which it didn’t surprised me. Gnome is a great project and has to be directed by an inteligent people.

At night, Antonio Larrosa took us to have dinner. The place was a typical southern spanish restaurant. We had a good time. I won’t say anything about what happened later.

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