Gran Canaria Desktop Meeting: GUADEC+Akademy 2009 has been presented

The Hon. Cabildo de Gran Canaria, through its Secretary of Tourism, Foreign Trade and Technological innovation, under the leadership of its chairman D. Roberto Moreno Diaz, introduces The Canary Islands Generally speaking, and the island of Gran Canaria in particular as a candidate for the seat to hold GUADEC and Akademy 2009. An overview of the project, called Gran Canaria Desktop Meeting, which develops our proposal, is presented in this wiki.

The event will be held at the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium and the Palacio de Congresos de Canarias, next to the former. Hotels in various categories are available aroud the area, since it is located in the Playa de Las Canteras, at the island’s capital city, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. In this Auditorium zone there are various bars, restaurants and leisure areas.

In addition to two government programmes, and in order to promote free software between the Canary Islands society, especially among young people, proposes a program of additional activities. To develop courses, workshops and other advocacy of free software.

This candidacy has the support of all actors of the Canary archipelago within the free software world. The Cabildo de Gran Canaria expresses its outright support for innovation in software as well as its commitment to free software. In addition, the nomination has support from major associations and National bodies, which gives a clear picture of the creditworthiness of the bid.

The Secretary of Tourism, Trade and Technological Innovation has to its credit events of great importance over the past few years. To do so, it has the support of the Gran Canaria Convention Bureau, specialized in this type of activity. This will provide the necessary professionalism in organizing an event of this nature.

Gran Canaria Desktop Meeting:

4 thoughts on “Gran Canaria Desktop Meeting: GUADEC+Akademy 2009 has been presented

  1. You are right, the best would have been to place the web under the Cabildo’s domain (the public administration that presents the web). But, as any public administration, it has very strict technicals and procedimental rules that are only afordable under certain ciscunstances. We would had been forced to follow a corporative image, sign confidential contact to access the wiki and the database from autside the LAN, deal with the companies in charge of the CPD, present a project to do it, teach the support peolpe how to deal with the mediawiki, etc.These kind of procedures makes sense, and will be followed, if we finally are designated to host the event. Anyway, ESLIC (the canary island free software companies association) is an essencial part of the project. In fact, one of the good things behind our proposal is that small free software companies, LUGs, colleges and public administrations goes together.Toscalix


  2. What I don’t find any obvious is that the website is hosted in a domain linked to an enterprise association…


  3. Looks awesome, I hope you’ll be chosen as we need to be more in contact with real users/administrations and you can offer this! The infrastructure looks great!Anne-Marie


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