Akademy 2010 Day 1

Conferences has started in Akademy 2010. The first conference was about MeeGo, done by the Meego leader from Nokia. Surpringly the two best arguments were given during the question turn by the KDE/Nokia member Suresh and the Intel representative, talking about Meego upstreamming the code. They ensured they do not allow code that is not upstream in the community projects Meego uses. Nice to hear, now they will have to prove it.

The second conference about the 7 Principles of Community projects was quiet interesting. I attended to the conference related with developing apps and place them on the Ovi Store. They have lowered down the price and allow people (not just companies) to publish their apps in Ovi Store.

After a few conversations with MeeGo people from Nokia and Intel I went to have lunch with some KDE folks. As always, it was a pleasure to talk not just about technology but about other things that motivates us. During the afternoon I saw the prototype of Plasma for N900 and I attended to a few more talks before watching Germany vs. Argentina (with about 30 germans), comming back to the Hostel and get into World Cup mode.

At night, at the MeeGo party, we could watch the game Spain vs Paraguay and drink some beer. It was fun.

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