Akademy 2010 Day 0

After spending a week visiting different places from the middle part of Finland with Nacho and Heidi Vilppola (thanks both for your hospitality) and their family I went to the train station to go down south to Tampere, where Akademy 2010 will begin tomorrow (saturdayjuly 3rd).

The train I was going to take was full so I have to wait an hour and a half for the following one, which makes the same trip as the previous one but takes one hour longer (4 instead of 3 hours). Not a good start.

I went with my friends to do some shopping while waiting for the train. It is summer sales period in Finland so I ended up buying some clothes at a real good price. In fact, now it doesn’t fit into my bag. I have a problem….

When I got into the train….Jonathan Riddell was sleeping at my seat. What a surprise! He was comming from Oulu (a city which I also visited a few days ago). We haven’t seen each other since GCDS, so we had some things to talk about.

So after all, not being able to travel in the train I was supposed to, was a good thing.

Once I arrived to Tampere and made my check-in in the hostal, I went to the welcome party/registration place. This is something we usually didn’t do but since it worked well last year at GCDS, the organization has repeated this year. I had the chance to meet everybody and have some beers at night with the “spanish team”. Tomorrow is when the real action begins.

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