Open to open new doors

Next Thursday September 15th will be my last day as ASOLIF Manager Director. It’s been two and a half awesome years helping many companies, regional associations and entrepreneurs to build a Libre Software SME sector from scratch in Spain.

I’ve always believed that, if you want to become a good professional, working hard is not enough. You have to work side by side with high skilled and motivated people and I feel ASOLIF has given me the chance to do exactly that. I feel lucky.

I would like to thank Daniel Armendariz and Pablo Gómez (ASOLIF first two Presidents) and their boards for supporting and believing in me. These days I’m overwhelmed by the support messeges I’ve been recieving, wishing me luck in my new adventures. I’ve had a great time and I’m going to miss a lot of people.

Spain is going through the biggsest economic crisis in democracy, but Libre Software companies are growing, which means that the future is brilliant. ASOLIF have an increasing impact. If free software companies keep pushing, a lot of good news will come out from the National Federation. I wish the best to the new board and to every company involved.

It is time for me to rest a few days and look for another job. I’m sure there is something as exciting as ASOLIF has been, out there. And I want to go for it.

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