Opening doors: Eclipse Foundation

A few days ago I joined the Eclipse Foundation as Program Manager, working remotely from Spain.

As you probably know by now, the Eclipse Foundation has become an European non-profit organization and they are strengthening their team in Europe. The organization reach has always been global including a team in Europe, but this formal movement means that there is now a solid Open Source organization to host collaboration projects created by corporations and companies for commercial purposes, under EU laws, which has interesting implications at different levels.

After contributing to KDE and being part of its Board of Directors, working at ASOLIF (Spanish trade federation of associations of FOSS companies) as executive, being a line manager at Linaro, leading the GENIVI distribution as supplier or contributing to different initiatives at the Linux Foundation as member representative, being part of one of the most relevant organizations that provides a neutral environment to different type of organizations helping to create and consolidate projects is very appealing to me.

Once I finalize my on-boarding process I will write about what I do at the Eclipse Foundation (EF) and what it is like to work and contribute there. Many of the people I know, especially those that come from the OS/distro world do not know much about EF. That was the case for me not too long ago. It still is. There is so much going on and this organization has such a great history… I will write about what I see and learn so you know this organization a little better in the future.

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