Would you like to have a spanish student doing practices in your company?

IES El Ricón is a High School / Technical School from Gran Canaria, Canary Island, Spain, really involved in software libre. They were part of the local team in the GCDS: GUADEC + Akademy 2009. They are involved in a program (ERASMUS) for sending students to foreign countries finish their education working in IT companies during few weeks/monthes.

If you think it could be a good idea to incorporate a young enthusiast student, please contact Miguel Peña ( miguelpl /dot/ inf / at/ gmail / dot/ com ), the teacher in charge of this program, or contact me directly.

One thought on “Would you like to have a spanish student doing practices in your company?

  1. Hey Agustín!
    If you're still searching for a company to work at, you might want to contact the tarent GmbH in Bonn, Germany (www.tarent.com).
    I spoke with the head of company, Elmar Geese and he was very positive about the idea to employ you for some time, especially because we are just about to start an internal project dealing with kde and how it could be supported and improved.
    If you're interested contact me at n.geese@tarent.de or visit the companies site.


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