My personal Desktop Summit 2011

I’m back in Malaga and it is time to summarize my Desktop Summit.

First of all I would like to thank every single one of the local organizers and volunteers for the effort they’ve done the past days/weeks/months. It has been a great conference.

I’ve attended to many conferences. I’ve read a lot comments about many of them so I’m not going through them.

Mediation Training Session

Thanks to KDE e.V., I was able to attend to the Mediation Training session on Thursday. It was designed to improve the skills of the KDE Community Working Group. It worked really well. What I did learn there will be very helpful. I’m sure it will help the CGW, so every single KDE member will benefit from it.

By the way, you guys are doing an awesome job.

GUADEC 2012 in La Coruña

On Monday July 8th, I attended, as a member of the La Coruña candidacy for hosting GUADEC 2012, to the project presentation to the GNOME Board. ASOLIF supported GPUL (and other companies and organizations) in its effort to bring this event, for the forth time, to Spain. We succeded and the announcement came a day later.

José Millán, from GPUL and KDE Spain, and I were part of the team that did the presentation. This gives a clear idea of the good relations GNOME and KDE have in Spain, that made possible bringing the Desktop Summit to Gran Canaria back in 2009 or celebrating the GUADEMY, for example.

Hosting GUADEC 2012 in Spain became a personal goal too. I am really happy about the result. The members of the candidacy did a great job. They deserve this opportunity GNOME is giving them.

Kiosk BoF

Kiosk is one the most important features KDE offers for big deployments in restricted enviroments. On Thursday 11th, some KDE developers and people related with deployments talked about the state of kiosk, new improvements and requested fixes. We came out with several tasks to do during the following weeks.

My new tasks in KDE

Little by little, I’m getting more involved in KDE, after not doing much during the second half of 2009 and almost all 2010. The weeks before the DS, I did some research about corporate networks around free software projects, specially those supported by non-profit entities.

Back in 2003, I actively participated in the birth of ESLiC, the Association of Free Software Companies from the Canary Islands. This project was followed by the foundation of ASOLIF, on which I was also involved. A couple of years later, back in 2009, I became its Manager Director (life sometimes takes funny turns). So I have been involved lately in building network of companies and relations with other type of organizations.

On Thursday, during the KDE Promo Team BoF, I presented a new approach for building relations between KDE and other organizations (companies, other non-profits, education institutions, etc.). Some team members agreed on helping me to finish the strategy plan and defining an Action Plan so it can be runnig before the end of 2011.

Since this is just a plan, I won’t go into details until it is finished. I’ll just say that I’m excited about it.

In parallel, I will put some effort this year in helping KDE e.V. in comercial activities. I always tried to do in KDE different activities than in my regular job. It looks like this is going to change in 2011, which I’m not sure yet if it is good or bad news…for KDE 🙂


It looks like it will be impossible to take away a karaoke session in future Desktop Summits. The Spaniards did particulary good singing a Spanish classic song from Camilo Sesto. We demostrated we can beat really bad any Free Software group from Japan or Korea. There is no doubt about it.


It has been a very productive Desktop Summit for me. I always enjoy meeting the KDE crew, and people from GNOME as well. I’m looking forward to work on the new ideas we’ve been going through this DS, to help the eV and to see improvements in Kiosk, among many other innovations we are working on.

GNOMErs..see you in La Coruña in GUADEC 2012.

KDErs…keep rocking. 

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